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Who We Are

Goren and Associates (established in 1981) specialize in empowering workforce talent through 21st century skills and competencies required for driving business growth and profitability.

We offer a superior architecture framing training, executive coaching, and organizational excellence solutions, all anchored to business strategy.

We specialize in application of business concepts through experiential, hands-on methods resulting in immediate and relevant organization impact.


Goren and Associates believes that employees are a company’s most valuable asset and vital resource. An organization’s people are fundamental to the success of a business. Enormous value must be placed on their skills, experience, creativity, eagerness, honesty and commitment. By creating an environment that empowers employees, companies instill pride and satisfaction in their workers. This fosters employee participation, challenge and opportunity, resulting in improved productivity and effectiveness.


We provide simple, flexible, and durable solutions to people issues through the use of world-class assessment products, coaching methodologies, and training materials which are leaders in quality, performance, technology, and value that serve the needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

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