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Bill Albert

Bill Albert serves as the VP of Virtual and Simulated Learning. Bill has been designing and delivering board-based business simulations for 15 years. Specializing in helping organizations develop their employee’s financial and business acumen, he has developed programs in a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Call Centers, Distribution, Sales, Customer Service, Budget and Talent Management, and many more.

What makes Bill’s approach unique, is that every program has been created with industry experts to satisfy specific issues within their industry. Additionally every program’s development has been sponsored by an organization within the industry the simulation was created for. Bill believes that as important as it is to drive efficiencies and financial results, minimizing the impact of the customer experience can be devastating to the long term health of an organization. Success comes in the form of effectively managing both. All of his world-class simulations reflect that reality.

A talented facilitator and presenter, Bill is often requested to work with organizations, both in the USA and around the world.

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